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Are you rady to Kick Imposter Feelings?

Are You Ready To Conquer The Imposter Feelings?

Do you want to achieve success in your career feeling confident and silence your inner critic? 

Do you have a feeling of not being good enough or deserving? Do you feel like a fraud and are scared of being found out? Have you perhaps lost your voice? Or have you just lost all confidence in yourself but are putting on a brave face? If any if not all of this sounds scarily familiar, then you're in the right place. Do something for yourself… right now!

We need to overcome the gender bias and close the gender gap! But in order to do so, you need to kick the imposter syndrome in the teeth and stand tall in your greatness because Fear Ain't In This House! (hence F.A.I.T.H.)

Starting now you can live a life and have a career you truly deserve

Fred’s Unique F.A.I.T.H. Coaching Model

Fred's ‘F.A.I.T.H.’ Model will enable you to regain your confidence, gain clarity of purpose and thrive on your career development.

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Fred Osei

Using my background as a Master Accredited Coach with the IAPC&M (The International Authority for Professional Coaches & Mentors) and IT Consultant, I am dedicated to supporting women in tech break free from that imposter syndrome feeling and start living a life of joy, love and confidence which will positively impact their personal lives as well as their professional career development and business aspirations.

But why women? I grew up very close to my mum and have  seen a lot of unfair situations where if she was a "man", things would have ended differently. Also being close to my mum helped me develop a certain calm energy which has throughout the years helped me connect easier, unconsciously, with women. I initially worked with both sexes but have later recognised that my heart and passion is in working with women. In addition, (or for for more certainty about my calling) God (or the Universe if that’s what you believe in) has blessed me with three beautiful girls, so I had to let go of my own fear and follow my heart!


Women have so much strength, inner beauty, passion, creativity, but all of it is hidden under a veil of fear, of uncertainty, which is why I made it my life mission as a Transformational Confidence Coach to support women become the best version of themselves and confident in it!

I work with my clients in a place of true empathy, which has helped me develop my ‘F.A.I.T.H.’ coaching model to assist women in London and beyond get to the core of their issue and get real, tangible results!


Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know until you lived through it. Honour your path. Trust your journey. Learn, Grow, Evolve.

-Creig Crippen

What My Client Says
Avatar 105

Business & Intergration Analyst

I’ve had the privilege of having Fred as a coach this month. He is an incredibly motivating and inspiring individual, he always strives to see the best in his clients and encourages me to think outside the box that I often limit myself in. He helps to challenge my narrative and also does so in an empathetic way. This is truly one of the best investments I have done for myself. You are an incredible coach Fred and thank you!

Avatar 103


Fred was recommended to me by a friend so I wasn’t really sure what to expect... but as soon as we started, Fred soon put me at ease by being warm, friendly, non-judgmental yet very professional. Since working with Fred, my colleagues and especially my family have told me numerous times that I look more assured in myself. I have learned to put myself first and now make time to do more of the things I love. Fred is a gem and I cannot recommend Fred enough! Fred you rock!

Avatar 104

IT Project Manager

I heard about coaching before but I never experienced working with a professional coach before, but now I fully understand the power of having the right coach and mentor. I was a Project Coordinator in my company and really unhappy as I knew that I had the potential to be a PM. Fred has helped me to first understand myself, understand others and learn what it means to be confident. I was paralysed with my imposter syndrome but since working with Fred, I have learned to deal with it. Since then I had the confidence to ask for a promotion, and I got it! Thank you so much Fred, you are truly amazing!

Who Fred Works With

Fred works with professional women suffering from Imposter Syndrome who have lost their confidence and/or their voice!

As a woman, being in a tech industry can be quite daunting and intimidating especially if you unconsciously comparing yourself to others! 


According to a study, only 15% of employees working in STEM roles in the UK are female, with only 5% being in a leadership role! 

​Are you someone who:

  • perceives themselves not as competent as others perceives you to be?

  • ever wondered how some of your colleagues seemed so confident and able to give opinions without even knowing if they were right?

  • are a Perfectionist and experience major self-doubt once you fail to reach a goal?

  • feel like their work must be 100% perfect, 100% of the time?

  • feel like they haven’t truly earned their title, so feel the need to work harder than everyone else to prove their worth?

  • ...even shudder when someone says you're an expert in a particular subject?

Fred will support you to reconnect with yourself, regain your voice and confidence, and emerge as the best version of yourself; of someone who is love, resilient and ready to live on their own terms.


Ready to improve your life? Drop me an email or get in touch below leaving me your contact details and a good time to call you, and we’ll start taking action.

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+44 (0) 7912 523263 
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